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  • NIT No-956 Dtd 06.07.2015

    7/23/2015 12:30PM

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  • RFQ Identification Number TW-IT/OT/01/2015-16


    07/07/2015 16:30 Hrs

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  • UOI No.Sr.GM(PP)30/2011/391


    3/25/2015 12:30PM

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  • NIT NO. 2035,Dtd-18.12.2014

    1/13/2015 12:30P.M.

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  • NIT No.1595, Dtd. 28.07.14


    8/5/2014 12:30Hrs

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  • Tender No:GRIDCO/Power Trading/2013-14/01

    1/27/2014 4:00PM

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  • No.Sr.G.M (PP)/121/2012/1095 Dated.17.11.12

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  • No.Sr.G.M (PP)/TRADING/102/2004/8504 dated 12/10/2012

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  • No. Sr.G.M.(PP)/TRADING/102/2004/Vol-III/732

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Gridco Profile

  • GRIDCO which was carrying on the business of Bulk Supply & Transmission w.e.f. 1.4.99 ceased to carry on transmission business w.e.f. 1.4.2005 as per GoO Notification dated 9.6.2005.
  • GRIDCO is presently engaged in Bulk Purchase & Sale of Power to Discoms and sale of surplus power, if any.
  • GRIDCO undertakes planning & co-ordination in regard to the electricity requirement of the State.
  • Average Peak Demand : 2500 MW.
  • Average Energy Demand : 2000 MW.

Grid Corporation of Orissa Limited (GRIDCO) was incorporated on 20th April 1995 under the Companies Act, 1956 as a wholly owned Government of Orissa Undertaking. The Company obtained the Certificate of Commencement of Business on 6th July 1995.

GRIDCO carried on the business of transmission and bulk supply of electricity and other related activities under an exclusive license issued by Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission. Consequent upon enactment of Electricity Act, 2003, the transmission related activities of the Company were transferred and vested with Orissa Power Transmission Corporation Limited, a wholly owned undertaking of the State Government through Orissa Electricity Reforms (Transfer of Transmission and Related Activities) Scheme, 2005 with effect from 09.06.2005. After separation, GRIDCO is presently engaged in business of bulk purchase and bulk sale of power to the four Distribution Companies inside the State and trading of surplus power through traders to promote exchange of power with neighbouring States in the country.

The registered office of the Company is situated at Janpath, Bhubaneswar. The day-to-day affairs of the Company is being managed by Chairman-cum-Managing Director who is assisted by Whole-time Directors under overall supervision of the Board of Directors. They are in turn assisted by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals in various fields.